Thursday, May 19, 2011

Oh, for Pete's Sake!

This morning, I read an email from Facebook where my brother had posted a comment "What happened?" on one of my photos. I thought, now what photo have I posted that would have elicited this question?

It turned out the comment was in reference to a picture of Ham Sammich, or Sammy, my dog. I thought he looked cute. I thought my family (who are all over Facebook) could use a reminder of the sweet, portly beast who thinks he's a lapdog.

Obviously, my brother's very considerate question has got me thinking about how inured we've become to the everyday dramatics of Facebook. What once was a forum for students to mobilize and socialize is now the "muffin top" on the torso we call "social networking." We all know it's there, we try not to look at it, but some people shake and flaunt it like it's something luscious and appealing.

I keep trying to rationalize Facebook's value -- a way to keep in touch with old friends and family, a way to connect with causes I support, I can share pictures with those who are far away and I can plan my social time -- essentially, I can share my life.

At what cost am I hanging on to these positive attributes of Facebook? I check my News Feed less and less because it is often a source of pain and stress for me. I find myself being judgemental, intolerant and frustrated. I miss the days when all you might come across are stupid videos of skaters racking their nuts on a handrail and babies burping. I miss my causes saying they had a successful event. But, most of all, I miss ten minutes of morning and often ten minutes of my evening. What about you all?